TARK Industry OÜ was founded in 2015. The main field of activity is independent inspection of cleaning and painting works. It includes quality control, expert evaluation, technical support of corrosion control, and also workforce testing, painting systems and development of painting procedures for projects. Our inspectors realize the importance of implementing quality work that exceeds expectations of our clients.

Our aim is to provide our client with quality product and the full spectrum of service starting from primary inspection to the inspection on the objects territory, ensuring, that all work will have been done according to the standards and specifications.
We guarantee that all our inspectors totally coincide fields’ standards, such as ISO, SSPC, ASTM and NORSOK M501.
In our business we lean on our professionality, providing with best quality, in order to reduce our clients expenses.
The process of inspection is carried out step by step and includes the following steps:

  • Review of project a specification, that consists of overlook of subcontractor’s technical documentation for given project.
  • Making the plan of inspections and testing, especially for set project.
  • The full inspection of original surface with following measures of every layer, marking weak areas providing with recommendations on correcting discrepancies in order to achieve proper final result.
  • Execution of detailed report for our client in short terms.

Our inspectors entirely qualified for implementing inspections on black and colored metals. All facilities that we own enable us to carry out all inspections starting from corrosion type to the pull-off test.
Technical support is one of our strongest sides, as we would like to build our relationships with our current and potential clients.
In the covering industry the vast majority of people are in need of help and understanding of technical demands and standards, that is where we always will provide technical support either on the spot or by the phone.
So if you have any technical question, just call us and one of our inspectors FROSIO of 3rd level will help you.


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